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WCRA is committed to the preservation and enhancement of the Westfield Common area and was formed in early 2009 as a response to increasing local concern about the erosion of Westfield Common and proposed over-development in the area.

It is the successor body to the Moor Lane Area Residents Association (MLARA) and incorporated membership from the Moor Lane Action Group (MLAG) upon it’s formation.

Since its formation WCRA has carried out a range of activities to fight unwanted development, improve our outside spaces and improve community cohesion.


WCRA has a cordial relationship with other Resident Groups in the area such as the Willow Bank Residents Association, WHVRA (Hoe Valley), Sutton Green & Mayford Village.

WCRA is a member of the Open Spaces Society, the UK’s leading campaign group dedicated to protecting public rights of way and common land.

WCRA committee members also serve on the Woking Group of the Surrey Wildlife Trust.

Aims of WCRA

The aims of the association are to:

a) To watch, protect and further in every legitimate manner the general interests of the ratepayers and residents within our membership area, and to organise and promote united action for this purpose;

b) To represent the views of residents and to work towards ensuring that the best interests of residents are served;

c) To ensure that all residents are consulted & informed regularly, and that all residents entitled to membership are encouraged to join;

d) To encourage a sense of community;

e) To improve and protect the local environment, and services to the community;

f) Promote social, welfare, recreational and community activities for the benefit of members of the Association;

g) Build a partnership and improve communications between Local Government and the Association;

h) To advocate and encourage efficiency, economy and appropriateness in local and central government and public service administration;

i) To give help, information and advice to any resident or ratepayer in the defined area on any matter connected with the above-names aims;

j) To arrange functions for furthering the above-named aims;

k) To do all such other lawful acts as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims.

All residents within or bordering the defined area are eligible to apply for membership of the association.

Our constitution

The constitution of WCRA was formally adopted at our inaugural AGM held on the 05 June 2009.  A copy of the constitution can be viewed below:



The following people are the elected officers of WCRA:

  • Bill Corney – Chair.
  • Nicola Cull – Secretary.
  • Stuart Goldup – Treasurer.