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History of Westfield Common

The Westfield Common area has a long an interesting history.

Below are a number of historical and archive images of the area way back in time.

1719 Map
In this copy of a 1719 map held at the Surrey History Centre.  The boundary of Westfield Common can clearly been seen and remains relatively unchanged to this day.

Map 1719

John Remnant Map of 1719

Moor Lane 1920

In this photo from 1920 looking south over the common from the Moor Lane.

In the background we can see the familiar row of Rosebank cottages.

This view is not possible today as the trees and shrubs have matured in the 90 years since this photograph was taken.

The pond has long since disappeared.

Moor Lane 1950s

Moor Lane circa 1950

Forward in time by 3 decades to the 1950’s and we see a view of Moor Lane looking east from New Lane.

Looks like our famous chestnut trees had been pollarded prior to the start of the growing season.

Not a car in sight (or is there?) – nor indeed do any of the houses have access drives for cars.