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Street Representatives

Street Representatives

Street representatives are members who agree to represent a street or a small area comprising a number of streets and act as a point of contact between the WCRA committee and the community. They provide co-ordination, and a communications link with residents who may not have access to the WCRA website, or email.

The following people act as street representatives and can point you in the direction of help (Updated  03 March 2013).

  • Quartermaine / Balfour Avenues – Paul Hull.
  • Bonners Close – Sarah and Mel Maeer.
  • Bonsey Lane / Downsview Avenue – Suzanne Hoddinott.
  • Lime Grove – Bob Shatwell.
  • Meadowview – Claire and Gary Castle.
  • Moor Lane – Karen Smith.
  • The Orchard – Jakki Mimms.
  • Rosebank Cottages – Claire and Gary Castle
  • Westfield Common – Lisa Land
  • Westfield Way – Mark Robinson

If you would like to serve as a Street / Area Representative then get in Touch!