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Exhibits from the ‘Moor Lane’ planning consultation events

Exhibits from the ‘Moor Lane’ planning consultation events

David Maddox (of Massox Associates, the agency employed to run the Community Engagement on behalf of Evolution) has kindly provided WCRA with the exhibits employed at the planning consultation.

Please review the materials if you were unable to attend the event or even if you did attent.  It is important to let the developers know what is and is unacceptable to you as this may have some influence over the final plans submitted to Woking Borough Council.

Feedback can be sent by email to

Where relevant we have added some comments to aid with interpretation of the exhibits.

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Slide 2.2 – The one storey building is the pumping station for the site.

Slide 2.4 – Car capacity calculated at average 1.5 per household.

Slide 4.1 – Construction flows left to right commencing with zones 1 & 9



  1. Ailsa Gollan

    Parking down Moor Lane needs to be restricted otherwise it will be used as an alternative access route for the new development residents.
    In order to maintain the countryside appeal of Moor Lane the developers should plant additional trees and hedging between the estate and the Lane especially at the end where the plans showed no new planting is planned. They should also maximise the distance between the new houses and Moor Lane.
    The overall density of the new buidings should be reduced to better fit in with the existing residences.
    Although the developers claim the housing is not on the flood plain there has been recent flooding in the proposed development area and they should consider whether its appropriate to go ahead with the development.

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