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How to use the WBC online planning register

How to use the WBC online planning register

Woking Borough Council (WBC) has an online public register for planning applications which can be accessed at:

Here is a quick guide on how to use it.


  1. Goto the planning register site.
  2. Click on “Planning”.
  3. Click on “Application Search” or “Property Search” or “Application Weekly List”

Application Search

  1. Enter Application Reference – in the case of the outline planning application for the proposed housing development north of Moor Lane enter “PLAN/2006/0399”.
  2. Click on <Search>.
  3. Click on <Click to view>.
  4. Click through the tabs to view information – in particular “Associated Documents”
  5. Click on <View Associated Documents> and this will take you through to another portal where you can view site plans, surveys, and other planning documents (works in IE browsers only).

Property Search

Works in a similar way:

  1. Enter Street Name, e.g. Moor Lane and then press <enter>
  2. System displays addresses.
  3. Select and address and press <Click to view details>
  4. Details are displayed.

Application Weekly List

  1. Select Week
  2. Select <validated> or <approved>
  3. Hit <View List>
  4. Relevant applications are displayed.