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How to object to Planning Applications

Planning Applications can be quite complex and unfortunately unless you are involved professionally in planning or have some prior experience they can seem quite intimidating.

The important point to remember is that sometimes the planning applications are assessed on narrow technical grounds rather than on some of the wider concerns that you may have so in order to object in an effective way you need to make salient and relevant arguments.

In order to do this effectively it helps if you have some guidelines. Below are some handy guides courtesy of Planning Aid, Urban Forum & the Environmental Law foundation which provide a useful starting point.




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  1. Denize Adams

    Good morning,

    Do you have a template letter ready to refuse the new vehicular access planning application from WBC.?
    If so, please may you mail me a copy. I have hopefully helped with your campaign since its infancy, and continue to fight to stop this disgusting abuse of Ray Morgans position and greed.
    Kind regards
    34 old school place

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