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How to fight Council Planning Applications

How to fight Council Planning Applications

Seems like we are not alone.

We often get asked for advice regarding how to respond to Council Planning Applications and we try our best to provide advice as and when requested.

Attached below are links to an interesting and insightful series of blog articles on an individuals experience fighting a council planning application.

Its a worthwhile read to find out a little bit more about whats involved.



  1. gary doherty

    the proposals of access is a joke,how can the council expect to get a 1000 cars plus a day out of junctions on a estate that when it was built wasnt really designed for heavy traffic as only about 5 residents had cars in early fifties now most houses have 2 cars or more,will the drainage stand up to all this extra traffic ?will all the roads and drains be replaced to take it ?no doubt if a survey of drains were done it would show movement in the pipe drainage system already,if it goes ahead wil it mean years of disruption of roads etc as all would prob have to be replaced through sheer weight and usage of roads,how safe will our children be as the play area will have traffic going past it every min of the day?at school times etc it takes long enough to get to end of old woking now we will be grid locked on main roads ,what schools and drs etc will be built to help with extra residents,the answer prob none,as it is we have to send our children to senior schools miles away,what time will they have to leave for school ?the way its going about 6 am,its about time the council looked at the whole picture not just the frame .

  2. Karen Chilvers

    Does anyone have any definite news on the actual locaiton of the access points along Balfour Ave. I have been assuming it will be through the site of the currently abandoned detached property at the top of the road. The WBC website is not a lot of use re the details!!
    What is the best way of going about objecting to the proposals?
    I am concerned about increased traffic from 190 new properties plus what the council is planning to do re schools etc – I would not have thought Westfield Primary and Kingfield could cope with the potential increase in population.
    Any pointers would be helpful



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