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Changes to WBC Waste and Recycling Services

Changes to WBC Waste and Recycling Services

More money, less service? All in the name of environmental responsibility – you decide…

Press release and official letter attached.

From: Joanne Reid <>
Date: Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 8:48 AM
Subject: Changes to Woking Borough’s waste and recycling services

To Whom It May Concern:

From September 2009, Woking Borough Council will be implementing a number of changes to the waste and recycling collection services. A brief outline of these changes is provided below and the Council would encourage you to forward these details onto members of your Residents Association and discuss these at your next arranged meeting. Also attached to this email is a PDF copy of the leaflet, which all households will receive as part of Borough-wide communications the first week of September 2009.

Your waste and recycling: residents will still receive an alternate weekly collection of waste and recycling, using the black and blue wheeled bins or sacks. As a reminder, the following items can be placed into the recycling container:

· aluminium foil (rolled up to no smaller than the size of a cricket ball)

· biscuit and sweet tins

· cardboard

· glass bottles and jars

· household paper (including coloured paper like the Yellow Pages)

· plastic bottles

· tins and cans

Day changes: The day and time of collections will change for most residents. Each household will receive a letter during the first week of September telling them exactly how their collection schedule will change. By changing residents collection schedules the service will have a more efficient vehicle-round structure, therefore lowering the carbon footprint and also enabling us to put in place food waste collections in January 2010.

Kerbside collection of household batteries: To prevent household batteries from going to landfill residents will be provided with a small plastic envelope along with their day change letter in September 2009. This should be filled with spent batteries. When the envelope is full it should be placed on the lid of the recycling bin or beside the blue recycling sacks. It will then be collected by Biffa operatives and put in a separate compartment on the collection vehicle.

Your garden waste service is changing: From 2 November 2009 the garden waste collection service will change. If residents wish to use the Council’s new garden waste collection service they will be asked to pay an annual fee to receive a green wheeled bin for their garden waste. A maximum of six wheeled bins can be provided. Households who currently use black and blue sacks and are unable to accommodate a wheeled bin can be issued with re-usable sacks. The clear plastic sacks will continue to be sold until October 2009 and collected until 18 December 2009. Residents are advised to purchase only what they know they will use.

Weekly collections of food waste: This service will initially be introduced in January 2010 to around 34,000 households. More difficult properties, such as flat developments will be addressed at a later date. During January 2010 participating households will be given one 7-litre silver kitchen caddy and one 23-litre lockable green outdoor bin. Residents will be able to recycle all food waste, which will be collected in the 23-litre green bin from the boundary of the property every week, on the same day as the waste and recycling. More details will be sent to participating residents inside the silver caddy in January 2010.

Full details of these changes can be found in the attached leaflet – this leaflet, along with a letter informing residents of their collection changes and a small plastic envelope for recycling batteries will be sent to all households in September 2009.

You have provided your email details as the point of contact for your Resident Association. If this is not the case, please do not hesitate to contact me on the number below, and I will remove your email address from our mailing list.

Kind regards,

Jo Reid

Support Assistant – Environmental Services

Woking Borough Council

(01483) 743492


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