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Moor Lane Horse Chestnut Tree

Moor Lane Horse Chestnut Tree

Dear Neighbour

We are writing to let you know that the Horse Chestnut Tree located in the middle of Moor Lane (next to no.15) is in a very poor condition.

This has been caused partly by the gas leak nearby which has suffocated it and partly by the repair work to the gas, which has damaged the roots.

Now the repair work has finished and the roots covered again, we are doing our best to keep the tree watered and give the roots extra food.

We are hoping this will help it recover a little but the reality is the tree has only about a 5% chance of surviving.

We have met with the tree specialists from Woking Council and they agree that one of the best things we could do to help the tree survive is to cut it back

The reason for this is that the tree cannot sustain all of it’s branches and leaves with the roots is had left. Cutting it back would give it a better chance.

The suggestion is that we remove about 50% of the tree from the top down. Obviously this would look quite different which is why we are writing to you.

We wouldn’t know until next spring / summer if the tree has survived, but we need to take action now to limit the damage.

Woking Council have agreed to fund the tree cutting so we just need to know if you agree or have a different view.

We would be grateful if you could come back to us with any comments by the 8th August so we can let the Council know what action to take.

We can I can be contacted on ( and we will take account of everyone’s views.

In addition to the tree cutting, Woking Council have agreed to fund the planting of a replacement tree near the chestnut, on the green.

This would be a small native tree which would hopefully grow big enough to replace the chestnut if it doesn’t survive eg. a cedar, tulip tree etc.

Your views on this suggestion would also be welcome.


Bill Corney