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Refurbishment to start on Enacot, Moor Lane cottage

Refurbishment to start on Enacot, Moor Lane cottage

Surrey County Council have announced plans to start the refurbishment of Enacot on Moor Lane.

The intention is to extend and refurbish the property before letting it out to a tenant.  This is very much welcome news as the property was in danger in becoming derelict and its lack of maintenance was causing problem for Mrs Lovett, who lives in the adjoining property, Rosecot.

Due to its proximity to the Kingsmoor Park development, SCC have released a statement to explain the development.  The plans show internal refurbishments plus the creation of a rear extension to increase the bedroom space of the property.

Surrey County Council has commissioned refurbishment works to a house in its ownership, known as Enacot, in Moor Lane.

The contractor for these works, Walker Construction UK Ltd, will be starting on site on 10 March; it is estimated they will take 13 weeks to complete.

Walker Construction has delivered the attached letter to the residents of nearby properties in Moor Lane.

Walker Construction is aware of the sensitivities of large vehicles going down Moor Lane and their operators will try to be as considerate to the local residents as possible, for example, because Moor Lane is a narrow road, deliveries of steels and bricks will not be on the back of articulated lorries.

Working hours will be limited to 7.30am to 5pm with no noisy activity prior to 8am.

Any queries about these works should be directed to the full time Ena Cottage site manager who will be on site (at Ena Cottage) during the contract period. Walker Construction’s Head Office can be contacted on 01303 851111.

To be clear that this property is not and has never been part of the Kingsmoor Park Development, and it does not therefore form part of the planning application for the Kingsmoor Park development.


Aside from this there are a number of other refurbishments going on down Moor Lane that are not part of the Kingsmoor Park development:

  • The privately owned property, the Bungalow, that sits opposite Enacot is also currently being refurbished as well.  With two sets of refurbishments on opposite sides of Moor lane there there is the potentially for some obstruction at this pinch point which the contractors will have to manage carefully.
  • Greenstede cottage (at the bottom of Moor Lane) has been sold by the family who have owned the property since the 1930’s.  The new owners appear to be carrying out some work on the property / garden.

Any issues should be brought to our attention.