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WCRA ‘half marathon 2015’ runners hope to raise funds for local & national charities

WCRA ‘half marathon 2015’ runners hope to raise funds for local & national charities

Those of you with longer memories will recall the visual spectacle of last years inaugural half marathon as hundreds of runners dashed (or in some cases walked) past the smouldering WCRA barbecue pits delivering – in equal measures – overcooked & undercooked sausages to the heaving throng of local residents who had popped out onto the common to cheer on the runners.

Well, not content with a purely supporting role, an athletic team of intrepid WCRA members decided to sign-up to run the 2015 race in order to raise some funds for local and national charities.

After a gruelling training programme, which regretfully broke one of the older runners, WCRA is proud to announce that it will be fielding two athletes in the race who are raising funds to support the following charities (see below / click on a link to find out more):

We have been advised by our running coaches to expect big things from them including possibly the longest time to complete of the day. We wait expectantly.

So folks if you are able to support our runners by making a modest donation to one of their charities then we would be very very grateful.

Finally a word from WCRA Chairman, Bill Corney:

‘I fully endorse the fact that other WCRA members are taking part in the race.

It’s with deep regret that my terrible skiing accident of 2014 prevented me from signing up to the race challenge and that on Dr’s orders I have been advised never, ever, ever to take part.

I shall of course be cheering on our WCRA superstars from a suitable vantage point in very, very close proximity to the Mayford Arms.

I hope you will join me in wishing our runners well and I encourage you to support their charities if you are able to.’


A map of the race route is shown below: