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WCRA actions for Westfield Common Management Plan

WCRA actions for Westfield Common Management Plan

WCRA have commented on the proposed Management Plan as outlined below.

They are a mix of joint observations and requests that have been expressed to WCRA by our members.  Not all are directed at Surrey Wildlife Trust.  Some comments are directed to WBC with regards to issues impacting public usage and accessibility.

We have used the following zones designations to ease understanding of the areas discussed:



  • Please, please communicate to the developers and whoever else that the hedgerows and ditches along the common are actually statutorily protected and make sure they know not to cut it down (NB a small section has already been removed on Moor Lane).

South Woods

  • The southern part of Westfield Common, that is the part of Westfield Common that sits south of  Moor Lane / Westfield Road and runs down to Lower Westfield Farm / Robinhood Lane sits in the Greenbelt.  When formulating policies and plans these must be cognisant of two things. 1) Its a green belt / rural setting so things should be sympathetic to that context 2) The relatively higher quality of this area is largely due to the fact that it has lower footfall and hosting density (compared to the northern areas).
  • WCRA members regard this area as ‘Wild Space’ and would support activities that emphasise this aspect.
  • It’s very much seen as a Wellies and warm coats area.  It is very wet. We don’t want it drained for accessibility reasons.
  • Priorities restoration of Ponds & ditch network.
  • Replacement of WBC metal signs by something more sympathetic to rural setting, similar to those used by SWT in Whitmoor Common
  • Moor Lane – most of which is in the greenbelt is a vital connection to the wider network of public footpaths and is an important route for local leisure.  We should be encouraging this usage.


  • Regarded as “Green Corridor”.
  • Improve quality of footpath alongside no 1 Moor Lane.
  • Thin out trees and shrubs
  • Allow grass border to grow into meadow.

E&O Green

  • WCRA members regard this area is ‘Village Green’ and would encourage its use for public community events, games, fetes etc. The kind of thing you would traditionally associate with the green next to the village pub.
  • Tackle antisocial behaviour / under age drinking /  littering around the park bench hidden by tree copse – could be tackled by relocating bench to less hidden location.
  • Note the above plus poor lighting on path creates fear amongst our more vulnerable community members – Better lighting on public footpath.
  • Replacement of WBC metal signs by something more sympathetic to rural setting, similar to those used by SWT in Whitmoor Common
  • NB – There is aversion by the Willowbank Residents to the increased use of the the Green for football and other games.
  • The Swing Park does not have planning inspectorate consent.

Westfield Common

  • This is land is regarded as a ‘Green Corridor’ and connection between North & South.
  • Fly tipping is a major issue due to its accessibility to roads.  As is car encroachment on the common.
  • Ditch restoration is a priority.
  • There are seasonal ponds in the woods which could be improved for nature.
  • The grass lands could be more sympathetically mowed to encourage grass land species.
  • Could be left to more wilder grasses as its not much utilised for play or activity or any other community usage.

Rosebank Green

  • Regarded as a “Village Green” type space.
  • Stop car encroachment on green.
  • Prevent car using the the track as a through road.
  • Used actively for community events and social gatherings.
  • Very active local community hear who have tackled previous SWT initiatives.
  • Area has high showcase potential.
  • Scrub vegetation under trees along moor lane could be thinned out to improve outlook and encourage wildlife.
  • Amenity grass land outside 1-15 could be made over to wildflower borders rather than ploughed by Serco. 
  • Scheduled war monument in locale.
  • Restoration of ditch network that was filled in.
  • Moor Lane island should be restored so that entry is similar to that presented at Robin Hood lane.


  • Regarded as “No mans land’
  • Improve pond.
  • Improve public accessibility.
  • Quite a lot of flytipping  /greenwaste from Golf club area into Woods.
  • Invasive species removal.
  • Area is regular subject to hacking down of trees and shrubs, suspect opportunists.
  • The grassland outside Mayford Grange is Common Land and they should not be parking on it.
  • The grasslands are not treated as habitat and overly mowed. 
  • Could be a natural grassland meadow.
  • Deer use these woods to navigate to northern woods – crossing to Cricket zone and northern westfield common.
  • Deer warning signs.


  • Regarded as ‘lost common’
  • Tackle encroachment.
  • Improve path network.
  • We understand that the cricket ground itself used to be accessible for public activities.


  • Regarded as ‘lost common’.
  • Tackle encroachment.
  • Restore public accessibility to path network that used to run through here (and has been prevented by land owners).


  • Regarded as ‘Tame Woodland’
  • Restoration of major pond and connecting drainage should be a priority.
  • Potential for a good circular Hoggin path network to improve access to pond, school and wider Westfield Common but recognise that this is sensitive to nearby residents.
  • Tackle flytipping.
  • Good potential for connectivity to Hoe Valley.
  • Whatever we do don’t make it too much like amenity space like you might get a Woking Park, people would prefer it to remain naturalistic.
  • There is very strong opposition to it being cut up to provide play areas and car parking spaces.


  • Don’t forget this bit of the common or the other purple strips highlighted!
  • Too much parking, signage and skips etc.
  • Make sure everyone is aware this is common.