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Westfield Common Management Plan Consultation with Ray Morgan

Representatives from WCRA and the Hoe Valley Residents Association met with Ray Morgan, Geoff Ward (WBC) and Frances Halstead (SWT) on 1st August 2013 to discuss plans to develop a Management Plan for the whole of Westfield Common.

WBC have appointed SWT as consultants to develop an overall Management Plan in conjunction with local residents.  SWT have been carrying out site surveys as input into the management plan.

Frances expects to develop a draft plan for consultation with Residents and WBC by October 2013. Residents will be invited to participate in the development of the strategy and the ongoing management of common.

The objectives of the Management Plan are yet to be fully defined but will be broadly aligned along 3 themes of:

  1. Remediating long-term neglect.
  2. Restoration and improvement of the natural habitats of Westfield Common to an agreed vision.
  3. Improving accessibility & permeability of the Common and connections to other green spaces.

Once the plan has been developed it will be submitted to WBC for adoption and funding consideration.

What do you think?  Is this welcome news or are you concerned about this?