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Flytipping hot spots!

Flytipping hot spots!

Don’t put up with Flytipping – Report it!

Whilst accompanying Surrey Wildlife Trust representatives around the southern part of Westfield Common on Monday 10 September we spotted a few incidents of fly tipping that need resolution.

  1. In the proximity of the derelict Oaklands (it’s old front garden) and the Common immediately adjacent there are: 3 tvs, 1 old bedstead, 1 washing machine, 1 fire extinguisher and a plethora of other rubbish that has been dumped from the road access off Balfour Ave.
  2. The low water levels in Moor Lane pond have exposed what looks like battery cases and twisted metal rodding deposited in Moor Lane Pond (the larger pond).
  3. There is a lawn mower dumped in the Common adjacent to the Golf Club.

The attached map shows the position of the items.


We never cease to be amazed by the amount of effort people goto to dump rubbish in the woods. ¬†Common sense would suggest that its easier for individuals to dispose of such junk via a official recycling centre. ¬†However in the case of some dubious commercial clearance ‘companies’ its cheaper to dump than pay to have the waste recycled or disposed in land fill.

We urge all residents to report any incidents of flytipping directly to Woking Borough Council as the Council will arrange for the junk to be removed and if possible they will track down and prosecute the offenders.