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‘Moor Lane’ site resembles a duck pond due to rain (23 Dec 2012)

‘Moor Lane’ site resembles a duck pond due to rain (23 Dec 2012)

The ‘Moor Lane’ site is waterlogged again and the farmers have removed their livestock from the affected portions of the land as you can see from this composite photograph taken on the 23rd December 2012

The picture shows standing pools of water as viewed from the rear of ‘Rosecot’ on Moor Lane looking north to to Westfield Way.

This is just one of several pools of standing water present on the farmland.

Westfield Common adjacent to Moor Lane, Rosebank Cottages and Westfield Way is also saturated with pools of flooding present in several locations.

The local ditches and flood drains are full to capacity and close to overflow.

Makes you wonder what kind of house insurance properties on this site will require? (if they flood it will mean our house insurance premiums will rise as well).

Well it has rained more or less continuously since the 23rd so if you fancy visiting the area to view the waters then remember to put on your wellies and bring a life belt!

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