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Greenbelt Review – More

One of of readers recenly emailed Woking Borough Council concerning the proposed Green Belt revisions within the South Woking area (and Moor Lane in particular) as detailed in the South East Plan.  This is their reply.

Thank you for your email regarding the new Green Belt policy in the South East Plan and enquiring if a Green belt review in Woking Borough would look at the Moor Lane development in Woking Borough.

The final version of the South East Plan says that there will be a possible need to review the Green Belt boundary to the south of Woking if the levels of growth set out for the Borough in the South East Plan cannot be accommodated within the existing built-up area (Policy SP5.)

Moor Lane is designated as a safeguarded site in the Woking Borough Local Plan,
these are areas that lie between the urban areas and the Green Belt boundaries.

As part of the Evidence Base for the emerging Local Development Framework (LDF), the Council has commenced a Green Belt Study. This is at the early stages, and will examine all of the Green Belt rather than just the southern boundary, and will help to assess whether there is a need to review the boundary, in conjunction with other housing studies that are being undertaken and the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment.

The methodology for the study is currently being devised, therefore I cannot comment if the Moor Lane site will be reviewed through the Green Belt Study. All of the Green Belt located on the edge of the Borough boundary will be evaluated, rather than concentrating on the southern boundary.

Historically Woking Borough has previously accommodated the entire housing requirement in the built up areas, without requiring a Green Belt release.

For information all of the key milestones in the preparation of LDF documents can be commented upon during public consultations. These are highlighted on the Council’s website at click on Planning and Regulation; there is also further Planning Policy information.

If you would like any further information regarding the Green Belt Study, please email:

The Planning Application for Moor Lane was submitted on 18th May and can be viewed on the website via public access, PLAN/2009/0434 is the reference no:

I hope that this information is useful.

Kind regards

Claire Beaumont

Senior Planning Policy Projects Officer

Woking Borough Council

Tel: 01483 743267