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Walkabout with Surrey Wildlife Trust – Tues 17 Mar

Walkabout with Surrey Wildlife Trust – Tues 17 Mar

On Tuesday the 17th March a number of local residents met with representatives of Surrey Wildlife Trust (SWT) to tour the area and understood our concerns in protecting the Moor Lane Area.

The representatives agreed that it was a beautiful area and worth protecting.

They were interested in all the wildlife issues that concern us (smooth snakes, sand lizards, water voles, door mice, white admiral, purple hair streak butterflies, lesser spotted woodpecker, kingfisher, bats! etc) and agreed that the pond probably does contain Great Crested newts as it is an ideal habitat for the species.

They talked about the fact that the proposed Housing Development would not be able to cut through or touch the ancient hedgerow as it would be protected in Moor Lane, without permission.

Although they have no real influence on the project, they can help raise the profile regarding the SNCI (Sites of Nature Conservation Importance) and it’s protection. The trust will certainly be looking out for any planning applications and their implication on the local wildlife.

The trust commented that that they had been approached to de-classify some of Westfield Common as SNCI to which is answer was NO!

SWT added that WBC had got rid of it’s countryside dept. a year ago so in effect no body is managing Westfield Common apart from the odd bit of grass cutting and they generally thought some parts of the Common needed some attention.

(and judging from this photo taken at the corner of Balfour Avenue and Westfield Common – they are undoubtedly correct in that assessment)

They added that if we formed a working party that they would be happy to support us, give advice and that some funding would be available from SWT.

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