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2019 Great Crested Newt Survey

2019 Great Crested Newt Survey

It is proposed that 2019’s great crested newt surveys, will take place on:

· 17/18 April
· 20/21 May

The plan for this year is to complete a full survey: Bottle trapping/torch light and egg searches and hence surveys will carry over into the next morning (will only bottle trap known newt ponds).

Timings will start early evening finishing around 10/11pm and in the morning starting at 7am and finishing around 9am.

ADAS will provide more training this year so people can build up their experience towards a survey licence.

If you would like to attend – in particular people from the local residents groups would be great – please contact ADAS. (Numbers will be kept to no more than 10).

Contact details

James Simpson CEcol
Associate Director Environment