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Residents urged to watch out for Deers on the Roads

Residents urged to watch out for Deers on the Roads

WCRA calls for more action to protect Deer and Motorists within the Westfield Common Area.

One of the inadvertent consequences of the Hoe Valley scheme is that it has severely disturbed the resident deer population and has driven them onto the local road network.

Local residents out dog walking have spotted deer in Bonsey Road, the Barnsbury Estate and just this Tuesday local resident Ann Hicks of Lime Grove came across a dead deer across the path just in the entrance of the small wooded area at the junction of Moor Lane and New Lane.

It was evident from its injuries that it had been hit by a car.

WCRA urges all drivers to be aware that deer are in the area and urges them to slow down to prevent injury to them and the wildlife.

We also will be asking the relevant authorities to investigate the installation of wildlife warning signs in the area.


Update 27 Apr 2011: We are sad to report that two deer have now been killed.