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Event: Westfield Common ‘Improvements’ Plan meeting

Westfield Common ‘Improvements’ Plan meeting

Woking Borough Council are hosting a meeting at Moorcroft on the 5th December 7:30 – 9 pm to discuss improvements to Westfield Common. All WCRA members and residents are invited.

According to the organiser James Simpson a consultant working for WBC ‘the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the Great Crested Newt Improvement Plan which follows on from Surrey Wildlife Trust Management Plan for Westfield Common and forms part of the strategic project to manage great crested newts within the Woking borough under an organisational licence”.   WBC have contracted ADAS to produce the Improvement Plan which is to be discussed. Additional works are being proposed to promote Westfield Common specifically for great crested newts.

The following agenda for the evening was supplied:

  • People to arrive at Moorcroft Community Centre between 7.15 and 7.30.
  • Woking Borough Council to provide background information of the project.
  • ADAS to present the draft improvement plan – this will include plans showing the proposed works.
  • Local residents to have their input on the plan being proposed.It is expected for the evening to run from 7.30 till 9pm.
  • Many of the themes being considered will look at how these works contribute and help towards the work already being undertaken in Bonsey Wood and aspects drawn from the 2014 Management plan.
  • Such works will involve de-silting existing ponds, removal of trees around ponds to open them up and the challenge of connecting all the features up.
  • The latter point about connectivity is very important and I would like with everyones input to create a connectivity map for Westfield Common and to the wider areas that can go in the plan for great crested newts.


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