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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How frequently does the WCRA committee meet?

The WCRA committee normally meets on a monthly basis, normally on the 2nd last Thursday of each calendar month.

If circumstances dictate that this is not possible, for example if participants are not available for personal reasons, then we will usually meet ‘virtually’ via electronic means or correspondence.

Who is on the WCRA Committee?

The committee is made up of the elected officers and a representative selection of WCRA member who are co-opted by the officers to carry-out specific functions required by the committee.

The following pages detail our officers.

Elected Officers

Elected by member voting:

  • Bill Corney, Chairman (
  • Nicola Cull, Secretary (
  • Stuart Goldup, Treasurer (

Co-opted Members

Appointed by elected officers:

  • Karen Smith, Communications Co-ordinator.


The committee is made up of the elected officers, co-opted members and a representative selection of our street reps who attend meetings on a rotational basis.