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Independant Transport Study

The report from the independant Transport Study has been delivered.

Summary of Findings

  • the excessive distance to nearby bus stops, and hence non-compliance with government policy documents PPG13 and PPS3 which require new development to be sustainable and readily accessible to public bus transport;
  • the vehicular capacity of the Westfield Road / Balfour Avenue junction which has been analysed using incorrectly assigned development traffic, and without forecasting to realistic future year scenarios (year 2006 analysed);
  • questionable interpretation of PICADY output data, despite the output being based on incorrect input data;
  • further concern over other nearby junctions, such as the Balfour Avenue /Westfield Common junction, where the proposed development is likely to have a significant impact;
  • misleading statements regarding the width of vehicular access to the development site which do not consider the width of existing roads leading to the development and their associated vehicular capacity.