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Stop Flytipping Campaign

wcra-smallThis campaign group is focused upon eradicating the scourge of flytipping from the Common through preventative means. direct action (intervention) and reporting incidents to the authorities.

To participate in this campaign all you need to do is take action when you see incidents of flytipping happening or you come across flytipping rubbish on the Common.

Simply record the particulars of the incident as well as you can and report it.  Dont wait for someone else to do it or expect the Council to be proactively managing the issue. Its unlikely to be addressed if you take this approach.

  • In the case of an active incident try to record the details of the offender (without putting yourself at risk) and report it to the Police.
  • In the case of spotting rubbish report it to your local councul Neighbourhood Officer and request action to remove the offending materials.

Please let WCRA know if you have taken action by emailing us and we will follow-up with the relevant authorities

Key Contacts

Old Woking, Kingfield and Westfield

  • Council Neighbourhood Officer – Yvette Lanham (, Tel: 01483 743475)
  • PC Paul May (, Tel: 0845 125 2222 ext: 30055)

Mayford and Sutton Green

  • Council Neighbourhood Officer – Tony Tweedie (, Tel: 01483 743806)
  • PC Clare Leggat (, Tel: 0845 125 2222 ext: 30055)

Lets work together to STOP THE TIPPING!