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Car Stolen from Rosebank Cottages

Car Stolen from Rosebank Cottages

Message from Maurice:

On August 25th about 22:30 hrs my wife Margaret heard a noise, looked out of the window and said “Where have you parked the car?”. I had parked in front of our cottage about four feet from our lounge window. Looked out and the Fourtrak was about 30 ft down the road. I would seem that it had been broken in to and was about to be “Hot wired” when one of our neighbours had disturbed the thieves while walking his dog. The usual phone calls to police etc ( they were very good both on the phone and when the two policemen arived..) A  window had been smashed and the dashboard damaged.

We were due to go on holiday on the 29th so I booked the vehicle in to my usual garage  and also decided to have a new clutch installed.

Saturday 11th of September and back home. Received phone call to say I could collect the Fourtrak. Everything fine. Just after midnight on Sunday 12th we heard the sound of an engine starting, looked out in time to see the Fourtrak being driven away.

Police think its a local job and they went for my old vehicle because it was ideal for towing…..( I bought it to tow my caravan.) Two warnings…. Take care where you leave your vehicle overnight and if you have a caravan or something that needs to be towed make sure its safe. Police think it was stolen for a specific reason  Police are convinced  the villains have been watching and waiting for me to get the Fourtrak back.  They would have known it needed to go to a garage for repair after the first break in so it was only a matter of time

I wonder if anyone has seen any strangers loitering in the area over the last two or three weeks?

Please email M&M36 AT if you can help.