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Flytipping problems reported

Flytipping problems reported

WCRA have requested that Serco remove flytipping from the following locations:

a) Moor Lane Pond – There is a large collection of bin bags, junk and conifer cuttings dropped near the bridge by Moor Lane.


b) 45 Westfield Way – The ditch that runs south from Westfield Way into Westfield Common by 45 Westfield Way has a lot of junk deposited in it e.g. childrens scooter, chair, furniture etc.  

c) Former Oaklands garden –  next to the southern TPO’d Oak there is a fridge and other junk.


d) Opposite Oaklands garden in woods to the west –  there are more fridges and other junk in the woods.


These are all the usual points of flytipping, where easy access is afforded to the common due to lack of bollards and other measures.  We are always reporting issues in these spots.

Council officials / Councillors – It is about time that measures were put in place to address this separate to the Management Plan matters.  It must be costing a fortune to constantly call out Serco to deal with these matters!