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Police Panel – 22nd July 2009

Update on Local Policing Matters around Westfield Common

Westfield Common Prioritised

Westfield Common Play Area
A known drug users was arrested in the play area and was found in possession of class A drugs.
A search for drug paraphernalia was carried out and all such materials removed from the area.
A subsequent arrest was made in Balfour Avenue in connection with this.

Fishing in the Nature Pond
The Community Police team have no powers to enforce prevention of fishing but have agreed to tackle under age drinking, trespass on Willow Bank property and verify that fishing licenses are in possession. The local fishing shop has agreed to encourage fishing elsewhere and remind shoppers of the requirement to have a fishing rod license.

Antisocial Behavior
At WCRA request the local community police team have agreed to prioritise Westfield Common July – Sep 2009. You should see an increased presence and activities by the community team to address anti-social behavior, crime and other matters.

This will also involve looking into the activities around the local parade of shops – a focus of concern.

All incidents should be reported to WBC environment officers and they will direct Serco to remove offending materials.
Any evidence regarding miscreants should be reported to the local community police team.

Have agreed to report back on the recent setting fire of the tyre swing in the Woodland.

Remember to report ALL matters to the local community police team.