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Scam Warning – Free Crime Prevention Check

Scam Warning – Free Crime Prevention Check

As featured on the Surrey Radio 15 March 2011 it is reported that a scam is in operation within the local area.

A resident reports his experience as follows:

Yesterday evening( Mon 14th March) about 19.15 hrs I received a telephone call .

The male caller had my name and said he was calling from “Crime Prevention”.

My wife and I are ex directory so I was curious.

He said that he/they had been looking at the crime figures in my area and would like to send somebody round to talk with me.

I asked him “Are you from the police?” Reply was “ Crime Prevention”

I repeated the question and got the same answer. I challenged him and said you sound like a private company and I do not do business on the telephone. I put the phone down. I rang 1471 and was told the number had been “Withheld”

I rang the police, passed on the information and said I thought it was a scam. They were interested and said they would check it.

I presume a “salesman” would have arrived and would have had to have a look round my property and obviously check out what security was already in place. If this is a scam it seems a good way to find what is available in the home and just how easy it is to get in. If other people have had these calls then it may be a good idea to tell the police and not let anyone in even if they do “appear” to be legal.