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Access Application Rejected

07th July 2009: Planning Committee rejects Application for Access to Moor Lane Site

A majority vote by the planning committee members saw the access applicated rejected in its entirity.

An excellent objection speech was delivered by WCRA spokesperson Kerry Denholm-Price.

A personal representation was made by Councillor McCrum who was prevented by committee rules from voting on the matter (he had to declare a personal interest as a local resident).

After an interesting series of questions from the Planning Committee members, a motion to reject the application was proposed and seconded by Councillors Brown and Sanderson.

Further News

  1. Transcript of speech – see here
  2. Local Media Coverage – see here
  3. Minutes of Planning Committee (07th July 2009) – see here


  1. Mark Barrett

    I’d just like to congratulate Kerry on her speech, it was excellent and I think had an impact on the meeting and result. The Council will come back, of course, probably with an additional access through Moor Lane but it was still worth it!
    Well done all who helped write the speech, as well.

  2. Dee Allen

    Excellent! Thanks very much to all at WCRA who helped this to happen, greatly appreciated. Look forward to hearing more.

    Dee Allen
    Westfield Road

  3. Andrew Forward

    A big thank you to all involved. I was in the gallery and it was a real surprise to see the councillors seeing through the application and that the amount of housing needs to be proposed before the access can be decided. Well done to all involved. I realise that the war is far from won but a significant battle has gone our way.

  4. Debbie Law

    What an excellent result and a fantastic speech made by Kerry, which im sure helped sway some of the committee. It just goes to show what we can acheive by getting together the WCRA and having everybody involved. It was an education sitting in the gallery and seeing how Planning Applications work and all I can say is a very big well done to everybody and it is very much appreciated, thanks!

  5. Janet Dunn

    So very very well done to Kerry and her speech writer. She delivered in such a calm yet assertive way and set the ball rolling for Stuart Brown and Councillor Saunderson (did i get that name right!) to pick up. Great negotiating by all and showed up the lunacy of agreeing access when we have no idea for whom!
    Great that other councillors seemed to take the debate seriously and had actually visited the area to inform themselves. Maybe Simon Bellord will be able to join the debaters next time?

    Round 1 to WRCA….but no complaicancy – many more rounds to go! Do we need to seek professional advice now?

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