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Deadline for Objections to Access Application No. 2

Title: Deadline for Objections to Access Application No. 2
Location: Woking Borough Council
Description: All objections must be submitted before the 30th September. Remember at least 10 objections must be submitted to obtain speakers rights at the planning committee.
Date: 2009-09-30


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  1. Karen Chilvers

    Here is my email just sent to WBC as my objection!


    Dear Ms Dunk

    I am writing with regard to the above re-application for access to the Moor Lane site. Having attended the first Planning Committee meeting back in July when the original application was rejected, I am somewhat confused as to how this new application has taken any of the issues into consideration. The main issues remain as follows:

    • Still only ONE main access to the site via Balfour Avenue, a residential road which already services an increased number of properties since the development of Meadow View last year. There seems to me to be issues of safety only having one route in and out of a site which will potentially contain well over 400 houses (including existing properties in the Balfour Ave area). What would happen if there were a serious accident at the Westfield Road/Balfour Avenue junction which means that the exit is blocked. Not only would residents be unable to get out, surely the emergency services would not be able to get in! There seems little point having an alternative emergency access point at Newlands Avenue when this would inaccessible in the event of such an incident at the Westfield Road junction!!!
    • It would surely make sense to have an alternative access point into the Moor Lane site. This would spread the concentration of traffic between 2 access roads. I can only imagine the bottle neck in the mornings to get out onto Westfield Road. I assume that this would mean having to put in traffic lights or a mini-roundabout, which in itself would be a cost to the Council. Also this would not be a great location for such a measure based on the recently installed pedestrian crossing at The Cricketers.
    • I understand the new application proposes the widening of the top end of Balfour Avenue with the loss of the trees lining this part of the road. In my opinion, this would significantly impact the overall appearance and ambience of the Balfour estate. As an extension of the common, Balfour Avenue’s trees are an asset which should be retained to enhance the area.
    • I see that a traffic survey has been done but understand that this was conducted in the school summer holidays, which, obviously does not provide typical data for the majority of the year.
    • There is still no concrete detail on the actual number of properties to be developed on the Moor Lane site – one of the problems with the original application and one of the arguments presented at Committee when it was ultimately rejected. This needs to be addressed in considering this new application for access.

    On a separate issue to this application, has there been any consideration made to local amenities and their ability to cope with an increase in the number of properties in the area – particularly schools, both primary and secondary? I would assume this will be reviewed when the actual site application is proposed.

    I urge Woking Borough Council to see sense and review this application and revise it to include a separate access point from Balfour Avenue, for safety and common sense reasons. I appreciate the cost is a consideration but the opinions and thoughts of the local community should be as valuable as saving money.

    Yours sincerely

    Mrs Karen Chilvers
    Of Balfour Avenue

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