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FOI Request – Responses to Consultation on Proposed Exchange of Common Land at Westfield Common

A Freedom of Information request to Woking Borough Council.

Bill Corney

7 March 2010

Dear Woking Borough Council,

With reference to the consultation on proposed exchange of common
land at Westfield Common in the letter from Peter Bryant dated 21
September 2009, I would be grateful if the following information
could be provided:

1) Number of people who wrote into Mr Bryant regarding the proposal
(total number of responses)

2) Number of people who wrote in with objections (total number of

3) A breakdown of the responses.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Bill Corney

The response is below:

Peter Bryant
Woking Borough Council

30 March 2010

Dear Mr Corney,

Thank you for your e-mail.

The replies to your questions are:-

1. 21.
2. 16.
3. There were objections to the principle of development at Moor Lane;
the area should not be developed to meet housing needs; premature to
consult before access points have been determined; the land offered in
substitution is inadequate; too soon to comment on application;
inconsistencies between common land application and planning
application; insufficient notice given; abuse of common land; no
objection to exchange; exchange land already common land; flora and
fauna will be decimated; loss of trees; increased flood risk; exchange
land is best area to be exchanged.