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More Access Planning Docs

Three new technical submission docs have been posted onto WBC’s planning portal consisting of:

  • A rebuttal from Mayer Brown on the Coles Easden transport review, planning objections (in summary) and (special mention) Colin Weeks.   See Response to Transport Objections
  • Arboricultural Method Statement – Basically what trees are being chopped down and how they are going to protect the rest of the trees for the route of Westfield Way. See Arboricultural Methods Statement
  • Arboricultural Implications Statement – Further info of the tree removal and mitigation. See Arboricultural Implications Assessment

So the jist – The methods used to determine access is “sound” in their opnion oh and by the way here a list of the trees that are going to be removed to construct the new road of Westfield Way plus how the other trees not scheduled for the axe will be protected. 

I urge you ALL to read.