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Objecting to Planning Application for Access (2012/0825)

Objecting to Planning Application for Access (2012/0825)

Agents of Woking Borough Council have submitted a planning application (reference 2012/0825) for the formation of three vehicular and pedestrian access points to reserved housing land at (North of) Moor Lane, Westfield but what does this really mean?

The wrong supporting documents

Woking Borough Council have managed (unfortunately once again) to sow the seeds of doubt and confusion with this application as the documentation submitted in support of the application was wrong. Specifically the Design and Access Statement described the wrong access roads (indeed it featured road accesses that had been refused permission in 2009).

WCRA reported the problem to WBC on the 24th of September:
[quote style=”1″] From: Westfield Common
Date: 24 September 2012 07:57
Subject: Confusion regarding Application PLAN/2012/0825
To: DevelopmentControl

There is a procedural and quality matter that needs to be addressed immediately with regard to this application:

We are received quite a lot of enquiries from confused residents concerning PLAN/2012/0825 as the documents submitted in support of this application DO NOT ALIGN. Specifically, the Design and Access Statement does not match the application.

On investigation it appears that the Design and Access Statement is a revision (and by revision I mean the date has been updated) of the application that was submitted in support of PLAN/2009/8078. An application that was refused.

I think a serious error has been made in haste as I believe your intention is to extend / renew 2009/0764 which has a different design and access statement. The impact of this error is to cause confusion and even more suspicion.

If I am correct then I would therefore call upon the Council to address this by a) Fixing the error in the supporting documents and b) notifying residents of the error and extending the deadline for comments.

If this is not addressed then the consultation is not fit for purpose and residents will not be commenting on the correct application and supporting documents.

I look forward to a reply. [/quote]

I have been assured by the Planning Officer handling this application that you can submit comments after the original quoted deadline (see below).

[quote style=”1″]

From: Katie Dunk
Date: 27 September 2012 15:26
Subject: RE: Confusion regarding Application PLAN/2012/0825

Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention and I can advise that I have now received the amended Design and Access Statement which I attach for your information. This document will be loaded onto the Councils public access system asap replacing the incorrect document.

I must advise that any objections can be received by the Council up until the date the application is determined and outside the formal 21 days required as part of a planning application. It is likely that the application will be reported to the Planning Committee on 23 October 2012.


Katie Dunk
Senior Planning Officer
Development Control

Tel:01483 743729 [/quote]

Ok, so what’s this application all about then?

Basically the previously approved planning application PLAN/2009/0764 which gives WBC permission to create three road accesses expires on Tue 16 Oct 2012.

Not to be confused with Woking Borough’s Councils demolition order for properties in Westfield Way for which there doesn’t appear to be any valid form of planning permission.

They are (we guess) renewing this and will continue to pursue all possible accesses.

Our Advice

Personally, if you are going to object (and we urge you to do this if you are concerned about anything) I would advise you to submit your comments by the original deadline of 05 October 2012.

You can access the application and supporting document on Woking’s Planning Portal (note only works with Internet Explorer!) if you want to review the updated details.

Simply send an email to Development Control quoting the application reference number (PLAN/2012/0825).

Grounds for Objection

It is always best to express your objection in your own words and on the issues that are concern to you, however here are some questions that may be worth asking:

  1. What’s is this access to?  You dont have valid planning permission to create a housing development as the Outline Application (also) expired on Thu 23 Jun 2011 and as all reserved matter have not been resolved it is effectively null and void.  Why have you not created a new Outline Application?
  2. Surrey Country Council (Roads department) say that a revised transport assessment is not required as the development proposal has not changed.  What they neglect to point out is that the the transport assessment was based on data from 2006 and is out of date.  Woking Borough Council carried out further studies in 2009 but this has not been taken into account and no attempt to update the traffic assessment.
  3. No mention is made of any other developments in the Westfield, Kingfield or Old Woking areas which will have (or will) increase traffic on the roads, e.g. Housing at Hoe Valley, housing at Gresham Mill, housing at Rydens Way, lots of infill, e.g. demolishing of bungalows/ pubs / houses to create multiple plots or blocks of flats etc.  Are these all traffic neutral?  It is hardly likely that they are?
  4. Why has the Ecological report not been updated with the findings and recommendations from the reports produced by Surrey Wildlife Trust.
  5. Why are you still seeking road access across Westfield Common as this requires a suitable land exchange.
  6. Your previous attempts to do this were refused by the Planning Inspector and you told the Planning Inspector that no other suitable land was available for the land swap?  How can you this access be approved if you cant demonstrate your ability to do this as part of the Planning Application?
  7. Why don’t you explain this residents face to face as the last public consultation in which there was an opportunity to meet the public face to face was September 2009 (three years ago!).

Hope that helps!



    I have submitted my objection ….thanks so much for the guidance above, I used all the arguments. I know there is a meeting on the 23rd Oct -are we able to get our voice there at all?

    PG thanks for all you do………so much appreciated.

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