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Radio Interview – WCRA Chairman vs. Ray Morgan, CEO, Woking

Radio Interview – WCRA Chairman vs. Ray Morgan, CEO, Woking

For those of you unaware or unable to listen, the Nick Wallis Breakfast Show on Radio Surrey featured a head to head interview with Bill Corney, WCRA Chairman and Ray Morgan, CEO Woking Borough Council to discuss the implications of the latest refusal to allow deregistration of parts of Westfield Common to facilitate an access road to the proposed housing development.

In the interview, our Chairman challenges Mr Morgan to commit to three things:

  • To clarify what happens next and to proactively inform the public of the impact of the decision on the housing development timetable.
  • To engage the local community via an open forum and listen to our views on the proposed development.
  • To exercise their duty of care to bring Westfield Common under positive management regardless of the outcome of the housing development process.

Here what Bill & Mr Morgan had to say in the recording of the interview: Nick Wallis Show – Radio Surrey – 20120829

Thanks as always to Radio Surrey and the Nick Wallis team for supporting local community groups.

For more information on the Nick Wallis show visit the BBC Surrey website .