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WCRA to attend Public Inquiry

The Planning Inspectorate will be holding a public inquiry into the application by Woking Borough Council to deregulate part of Westfield Common to facilitate road access into the proposed Housing development on Little Moor Farm, Moor Lane, Woking (Ref COM 299).

  • Date: 27 June
  • Time: 10 AM
  • Place: HG Wells Suite, Crown Square  Town Centre, Woking GU21 6HR

Westfield Common Residents’ Association are attending the second Planning Inspectorate Inquiry to object to exchange of common land (the land swap) for access to the Moor Lane site.

You can attend to witness the proceedings, to register an objection  or to give evidence.  Its also not too late to object in writing – you can do so by emailing the Planning Inspectorate to tell them you object to the exchange of common land.  The handling officer is quoting reference COM299

What you might also like to know:

  • Woking Borough Council (WBC) have asked Surrey Wildlife Trust to take responsibility for the common, in exchange for £330,000 funding, plus additional funding for ten years. This is only if they are allowed to build on the proposed Moor Lane site. The Planning Inspectorate will be considering whether this mitigates any concerns they have on the impact of building at the Moor Lane site. They will also consider whether the land swap is acceptable compensation for the common land that WBC are proposing to use as access.
  • The decision is not a foregone conclusion.
  • SWT recognise that the common needs protection and proper management and are keen to help us protect and improve it through a Friends Group. Whilst this is good news, we need to ensure that WBC do not seek to avoid full and proper consultation with residents through the detailed planning process required by law.
  • If you can’t go along to the Inquiry, we will be organising an AGM in late July/early August where you can find out more.  Look out for our next flier on venue, date and time.