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Illustrative Site Layout (2009/0764)

Illustrative Site Layout (2009/0764)

Well the forces of propaganda are out in force again.

Witness something called an illustrative site layout included in the package of documents delivered to support access application (2009/0764).

At first glance this is nothing less than a revolutionary compared to the previous site maps we have been shown, in particular:

  • A central fountain / pond has appeared
  • An eastern lake (with boating?) has appeared
  • Wooded outdoors area have appeared in the eastern part of the site.
  • Tree lined boulevards feature in abundance.

However before you all get too excited read the small print on the diagram that states that:

For illustration purposes.  Not forming part of application.

In other words a load of old toot that is produced by a developer to make the proposed development look good and to let the decision makers at the planning committee feel a warm glow.

Ignore – the real development won’t look like this.