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‘Moor Lane Development’ – Resident Survey Results

‘Moor Lane Development’ – Resident Survey Results

At the recent WCRA AGM we asked attendees to complete a survey on the ‘Moor Lane’ development proposals, and activities of WCRA.

The results of the survey have now been compiled and are presented below.

The results are a shocking rejection of the activities of Woking Borough Council and how they have driven the ‘Moor Lane’ development:

  • 90% of residents want to see the density more in keeping with the existing area – A reduction in the total number of houses is a key requirement which will mitigate many of the concerns on infrastructure (traffic, schools, doctors, flooding, sewage, etc).
  • 84% are concerned about the ‘look and feel’ of the development which is not in keeping with the ‘Victorian / interwar housing in the area and  rural outlook across the common.
  • 91% want to protect Westfield Common from urbanisation.
  • 82% believe that WBC is not acting fairly, appropriately and in the best interests of the existing community. When comparing the Moor Lane against the Brookwood Farm process and outcome, Westfield residents believe they are being treated unfairly (and considering that Knaphill residents think they were treated unfairly this speaks volumes).
  • 51% say that their local councillor is not reflecting their wishes with regard to the development – focus needs to be placed on the fairness of process, density and consultation.
  • 92% believe there is no benefit for the existing community.
  • 73% are keen to work with Evolution to find the best outcome.
  • 74% are happy with the work WCRA is doing.

There is great willingness to help Evolution design an equitable solution – it seems major failing that the existing local community haven’t been given the opportunity to work with Evolution to deliver a scheme we all can be proud of.

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